• PARM
  • Product parameter:(Fibre/Textured Protein)
    Model DG52D-ⅡProcessing Line
    Installed Power 83kw
    Power Consumption 62kw
    Throughput 80~150kg/h
    Dimension 30000×3100×2800mm

    Model DG70D-ⅡProcessing Line
    Installed Power 88kw
    Power Consumption 66kw
    Throughput 250~400kg/h
    Dimension 34000×3100×3200mm

    Product parameter:(Textured Protein)
    Model DG52-ⅡProcessing Line
    Installed Power 80kw
    Power Consumption 60kw
    Throughput 100~150kg/h
    Dimension 25000×3100×2800mm

    Model DG75-ⅡProcessing Line
    Installed Power 108kw
    Power Consumption 81kw
    Throughput 200~400kg/h
    Dimension 23000×3100×2800mm

    Model DG95-ⅡProcessing Line
    Installed Power 201kw
    Power Consumption 151kw
    Throughput 600~800kg/h
    Dimension 26000×4200×2800mm
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