DG Textured /Fibre soya protein food production line.

The newly developed DG double screw wire drawing protein equipment of our company mainly adopts the combination design of function screw segment, and the production parameters can realize automatic and precise control. Production line with low temperature soybean meal, soybean separation protein and gluten powder as the main raw material, can produce a certain strength and toughness of tissue protein food, also can produce high strength and high toughness of muscle fiber drawing protein food, with columns, piece, piece,, grain shape, the production technology to make high efficiency to produce high quality wire drawing protein, protein food possible.
Good quality originates from our proprietary technology; The advantages of equipment are far more than reliable and durable!
Since the establishment of our company, dedicated to the production and development of food machinery equipment. The new equipment -DG laser-protein food production line is introduced, which can make the customers produce stable and competitive food. Follow-up new products will be recommended in succession, please look forward to!!