04May 2018

DG Cambodia Foreign Delivery site: Fully puffed snacks food production line: The production line uses corn powder,rice powder as raw material ,by twin screw extruder fully melting ,cooking and curing to produce highly puffed ,soft ,delicate,melt-in-mouth,creamy snack food.If quip with drying and flavoring ,its taste will be perfect. Jinan DG Machinery  Co., Ltd., is an advanced […]

29Apr 2018

  It’s Convenient! Fresh and salty in unity! De-Solid instant noodles! With different material package, taste changeable, let you memorable! Our company since its inception, is committed to food machinery and equipment production research and development. Is the introduction of new equipment-DG pasta production line, customers can make the production of stable quality, competitive advantage […]

08Mar 2018

Today is 3.8, that is, “Goddess of the Day”, the company specially for female colleagues to leave a day. Here, to the vast number of female compatriots say: Happy holidays, you have worked hard! My company’s domestic and foreign trade in the busy shipping. DG de Solid has been adhering to the “to provide you […]

12Feb 2018

2017 is nearing the end, looking back: 2017 is a year of hard work, is a year to struggle, but also the company is proud of the year. The broad masses of staff, along the direction of the development of the company, conscientious, hard work, love and dedication, towards the common goal to forge ahead […]

10Feb 2018

“Rooster Good roll, yellow dog send good news”; Looking back at 2017, we are affectionate and heroic; Looking forward to 2018, we are full of confidence! The new year, I believe that under the leadership of leading us to go faster, better and more beyond! Tak-Solid staff will do my best to more enthusiastic, more […]