2017 is nearing the end, looking back: 2017 is a year of hard work, is a year to struggle, but also the company is proud of the year. The broad masses of staff, along the direction of the development of the company, conscientious, hard work, love and dedication, towards the common goal to forge ahead together, and achieved a great performance.

2018 New Journey Official departure, we will be more full of enthusiasm, high morale to embark on a new journey, to climb the new peak and forge ahead! 2018 will be an extraordinary year, will be to achieve a leap of the year, we will continue to work hard, one mind, forge ahead, blaze new trails, and jointly depict a more beautiful picture of the German-solid update!

DG wish you all a happy Spring festival
In this new Year’s beautiful moment, I represent the company, to my company has business dealings of customers to extend the most sincere greetings! I wish you a happy new year. To all members of the company to extend the holiday greetings! And through you to your families and relatives to worship an early years, I wish you all good health! Happy family!

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