DG Degoo’s new large nuts dryer has the following characteristics:
◎ can bake all kinds of nuts and dried fruit, production, mature technology, stable quality.
◎ touch screen, PLC integrated control system, easy operation, high degree of automation.
◎ circulating air up and down hair, uniform heating, to ensure the best baking effect of the product.

Drying is a very important process in the processing of nuts, and it is also a phase of energy dissipation. My company research and development production of DG large nut dryer is the special equipment for nut drying, this equipment set drying dehumidification in one, the effect of drying nuts. DG NUT Dryer Only need a small amount of electrical energy to drive the compressor can obtain the required high temperature heat, DG NUT Dryer Safety and health, environmental protection, no waste emissions, low power, automatic control only, work without personnel on duty, is an energy-saving and environmental protection drying solution.

Our company since its inception, is committed to food machinery and equipment production research and development. Is the introduction of new equipment-DG large nut dryer, can enable customers to produce stable quality, competitive advantage of food. Follow-up new products will be recommended in succession, please look forward to!!

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